I've been bombed

I received 142,832 messages, all ads. XX( I have turned off commenting.

Keep your eyes on www.027esc.com I will be moving over to there over the next couple of months.


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My Second Trip Out House Hunting

Ken and I exchanged some emails about potential houses and came up with a list, he had his and I had mine.

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Julian's Heart to Heart, Condo Or No Condo

It was time to sit down and decided if I was really willing to spend money buying an apartment.

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Time To Get Out and Look At Houses

The first place we looked at would become the "Little House". The house had a kitchen that was awesome. It had everything that I wanted in a house. Even had a concrete patio that was covered. It had a nice yard. No garage, but that was not a big deal for me.

But it had two problems. One was the size, it was small. It had no dining room to speak off. Long term, I could see adding on a living room. The other problem, that I could not get past, was that the house butted up against the neighbors driveway. From looking at the land boundaries, the roof overhang was over the neighbors property. The idea of having my neighbors cars parked up next to my home just did not sit well with me. In the end I decided to pass on this property.

We did look at some other houses. Wow! There is a lot of junk out there. One place reeked with cigarette smoke, another stank of urine, and one had mold in the windows. I turned down one place because it grease in the cabinets, another place because the walls were dirty. One place that I fell in love with in the pictures, was a dump in person.

The Little House didn't have much going for it, but the seller had set out a couple of place settings, towels in the bathroom, just a couple of little things here and there. It wasn't much, but it made the place look awesome!

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Another Property, Another Meth Lab

Found a great house. Nice layout, new kitchen. I liked the fact that the house was above the grade of the street. Fenced yard, alarm system, next door to a grocery store. Garage had a workshop. Really awesome.

I started looking into the address further, it showed up on the Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties List.

At this time I did a lot of research into what was really happening in a meth lab. I did some more research on what they are, how they work, and for my interest, what were the consequences of living in a former meth lab.

The first thought on meth labs is, they are very dangerous. The chemicals used and their byproducts can maim, kill and have bad long term health effects.

Clean up involves removing the contaminated areas, and covering over the effected areas, i.e. paint. There is a specific process that has to be followed.

One thing notably absent in all the research I did was what are the long term effects of living in a building that once housed a meth lab. Does the cleanup remove every molecule of these dangerous chemicals? From what I can tell, the clean up involves lowering the presence of the chemicals, it does not remove "ALL" the chemicals and their byproducts. So no matter what, there will always be some chemical residual left behind.

The final thought is the property will always have he stigma of being be on a list of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties. No thanks

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My Sister Has a Unit Open In Her Condominium Complex

Talked to my sister and found out she had a unit open in her complex.

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