I've been bombed

I received 142,832 messages, all ads. XX( I have turned off commenting.

Keep your eyes on www.027esc.com I will be moving over to there over the next couple of months.


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Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties List

I went out and look at another condo. I was not too impressed with the neighborhood, things seemed to be run down. Parking was limited, at best. I put the property address into google and up popped the Pierce County "Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties List".

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Time To Get Serious About Buying a House.

I've always been interested in the Pacific Tower condominiums that overlook I-5 near Downtown Tacoma. There was a unit listed at $125,000.

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Signing Up with ZipRealty

I signed up with www.ziprealty.com as a starting point for searching properties. I liked the information they provided and the fact that I could see everything on a map.

For the next couple of years Ken from ZipRealty sent me various newsletters and email about searching for a property. My server responded with a "Failure Notice" saying, "I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out."

Oops, sorry Ken.

A little "adjustment" to my servers and I was back in business with Ken.

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The Beginning of House Hunting In Tacoma - 2000

I initially started looking at living in Tacoma about 2000 - 2001. I was basically driven out of Seattle by the high cost of living. I also found my spiritual home in a Tacoma church, of all places. There is a prayer known only to God and myself. During Communion that exact Prayer was recited by the Pastor serving me Communion. There were no more questions of where I would be attending church.

I started looking for a home JUST BEFORE the Dot Com became a Dot Gone. Jobs in the computer industry were hard to come by. And to be honest I was getting burned out. Buying a house at this point in time just was not going to happen.

I became a truck driver. 2 1/2 years into driving a truck, some freight shifted while I was unloading it, crushing my hand and tearing up my shoulder. About a year of therapy I was ready to take another run at driving a truck. A month later I aggravated both injuries. More therapy, shots and even surgery, and finally it was determined that I would never be able to load or unload a trailer, again.

Through the VA pain management programs I have developed the skills needed to cope with the pain without the daily use of medication. The strongest medication I have at home is Advil PM.

About the time I was told that I would not be able to return to the previous function as a truck driver, a position opened up in the office. I applied for the position and transferred into the office, where I am still currently employed.

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Where all this started - The Credit Report

I initially looked at purchasing a house in late 1999 - early 2000. I pulled my credit reports and discovered all kinds of erroneous information. There were accounts reported as delinquent that were paid off.

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