I've been bombed

I received 142,832 messages, all ads. XX( I have turned off commenting.

Keep your eyes on www.027esc.com I will be moving over to there over the next couple of months.


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My Mother Passing.

On Good Friday, March 29, 2013, my mother peacefully pass away due to a stroke.

I have added a separate blog for those that wish to leave comments for myself and my family. Just click on the menu item "mom" and it will take you to her place on my site.

Thank you.



Back to WordPress, Still Not Happy

I got everything finalized but not happy with how it turned out. I went with WordPress and the Easel theme. The calendar is the item I just can't get to work the way I want. There are a couple of published hacks (modifications) that I tried, but could not get the result I wanted. There is an older version of the calendar, but it is no longer being maintained. Too bad, it was a nice plugin.

As I think about this more it seems that what I need is a static website. CMS is overkill. As with most website designs I've been task to work on, there is little participation from the people wanting the website. So I updated my Coffeecup software and bought a couple of add-ons and back to CoffeeCup it is.

I created a website several years ago with Coffeecup, it is still the best website I ever created. So back to my roots.


(edit) To clarify this is for a website I am working on, not for www.seawa.com. I'm very happy with b2evolution here at seawa.com.

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Drupal is a no go, so is Jooma

Took another run at Drupal with pretty much the same results. I can get it setup, but I could not get content added and put where I wanted. It really can't be that hard, but for whatever reason, it just does not click with me.

I took a run at Joomla with pretty much the same results. I even signed up for their demo website, twice and got kicked out during the verification process.

So back to b2evolution it is. I found a template that comes real close to what I am trying to do with my churches website. I'll finish my seawa site and see if it does everything I want and talked the church.


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Time off.

I am off this week from work. Doing some stuff around the house, of course.

I'm spending a lot of time flying around in Microsoft FSX. I purchased an add on called FSPassengers. (Check out http://www.fspassengers.com/ if interested) It adds passengers and escalation from the small planes to the Jets. Although I prefer flying the jets to the little prop jobs, I just love the flying. And on the sim I walk away from all ground incursions. Plus with the FSX does not cost much.

The goal is to manage an airline, but more importantly, I get to fly. But I have to earn the rank high enough to fly a jet. Bummer, but I'm still having a blast. I've gotten hit with some penalty points for stalling. Low speed, nose up, bad idea... apparently. And one flight I hit the ground, smoothly, about the time the fuel gauge flew past zero. Something about not enough reserve fuel. Oops.

Off to go drumming.

Take care.


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