I've been bombed

I received 142,832 messages, all ads. XX( I have turned off commenting.

Keep your eyes on www.027esc.com I will be moving over to there over the next couple of months.


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Oops, catch up.

Guess it's been awhile.

Mom has been doing good. She has to go back for some tests. I wish I could be there, or she could be here. I've always been the nomad of the family, who figured I would ever buy a house.

Speaking of houses... I finally had buyers remorse. Before I put in an offer, I had my insurance check out the house for any claims. They did find a claim for water damage. So I'm a little sensitive to dripping. Last month during one of the area downpours, all the sudden I heard water gushing. In a controlled panic I went rushing about to see what in my apartment was headed down hill towards Alaska Street. I mean house!!! As I went searching, I heard the slosh slosh as I walked through the kitchen. I looked down and saw my own little version of Affi Falls. Opening the cabinet door revealed the kitchen sink drain pipe laying on the floor.

My next realization was that sponge mops are not worth anything when it come to massive water clean-up

As a measure to conserve money, I have shut down all my VPS domains and left just this one. Everything has been moved over so there should be no interruptions.

That's all for now.

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Yes, The Kitchen Did Get Moved

A friend from work volunteered to pack and unpack. Her husband and kid did the moving of the stuff. I've never been able to set up a kitchen, so her willingness to get mine setup was awesome.

Once we got the kitchen setup, well she got the kitchen setup, it was time to (in my best imitation of a Bob Barker voice) break in my brand new Range. Kim's husband is a Chef. So off the Papa Murphy's for take and bake Pizza. We had Pizza in my new patio. The stove has made two Grilled Cheeses sandwiches.

...back to unpacking.


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I'm a Twitter

Link: http://twitter.com/027esc

That doesn't sound right... Oh well.

The link is: http://twitter.com/027esc

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Catch Up Time

Lots going on.

As most know my mother is was in the hospital and headed for surgery. The surgery went ok, as far as those things go. Then I got a second call that I need to be with my mother, things were not going well. I left for Turlock, California the next morning.

I'm happy to say that yesterday my mother was transferred to a rehab center. She is getting used to her new surroundings. At this point she should be back home in 3 to 6 weeks. She has made an excellent recovery. The difference from when I first got there, to when I left, is night and day.

I spent most my time in Turlock at my mothers side. Once she was able, we spent most of our sleeping time talking about everything and I mean EVERYTHING! There are conversations that will never leave that room. 88|

I'm never sure how much difference I make in other peoples lives. But I know I made a difference for hers, as much as she been an important person in my life I'm glad I could return the favor. :)

So mom it was great to see you. Now, get well, get up and go, there is a whole world waiting for you. And if the world gets you down, remember, breath in, breath out. I love you.

In other news....


I am still in the process of moving my websites around. If you are reading this, than you found the new site. I'm having trouble getting the data migrated over. My provider will move everything, but the process will clobber the new setup. Oops. So I am having to move everything by hand.

New House

Well, I didn't get much unpacking done before heading to Turlock. Worst, I have not been able to find the cables to hook up my sound system. I did get my DAW going this morning, so I got tunes.

...back to unpacking.


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Domain On The Move

I am moving my domains around. There may be a glitch or two during the transition. For details,

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