I've been bombed

I received 142,832 messages, all ads. XX( I have turned off commenting.

Keep your eyes on www.027esc.com I will be moving over to there over the next couple of months.


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Thor Evicts Gophers, the Hard Way.

It went down like this. I am jamming away on Freebird when a petition directing me to sell my drums is flashed in front of my face. It appears that the gophers living underneath my house don't like me beating my drums. I looked at the gophers, Thor... and said Thor is the manager, handed him the flame thrower. The rest took place in about the same instant. I turned back to the drums and hit one note; realized what I just did; noticed a bring orange flash reflecting off the TV; spun around and took off after Thor; grabbing fire extinguisher after fire extinguisher; discharging them as I pursued Thor, who was in the process of chasing the upset, flaming, alleged tenants outside. We all got outside where the local fire chief met us. He looked at me and asked if I needed any help. (After all, he has dealt with Thor's shenanigans many times and we were all on a first name basis). I looked into my house and saw nothing but white powder, the only thing smoking was the remains of the washer machine wires. The circuit breaker did its thing and shut off the power. I looked at the fire chief just as he made eye contact with the flame thrower in Thor's hand. The chief grab the flame thrower and left mumbling something unintelligible. I locked up and went to bed.

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Super Glue Tip

IMPORTANT Super Glue Tip. When working on a project near the night stand, put the glue away, especially if one uses a chap stick in the middle of the night. BTW 911 does not understand my mips mre mupermued mut. However hitting the panic button on the alarm system and making the same utterance when they ask for the secret code, WILL result in a very excited response from Tacoma's finest.

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Site Update

I've been playing around with making www.jjthomas.com a new website. I tried tikiwiki but it is too much for what I want. I like how to set it up, but adding contents seems like a chore in itself. I took a run a drupal, but after two weekends, I still had not gotten the layout I wanted and was nowhere near adding content. Gallery 3 was an utter failure, could not get a web page at all.

So back to drupal. I'll see if the documentation helps.

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My First Day Drumming

I finally went and got drums. I got the Rock Band 3 Pro Drum and Cymbals Kit. I have 7 different things to hit and 2 pedals to work. Hand drums are way easier. Oh and I have to hang onto the drum sticks. I played free form and accidentally let a drum stick go. The crowd went wild. So I figured that I was onto something, and tossed the other stick. Into the kitchen. I was planning to buy a new toaster, anyway.

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Keeping the Stove Clean

Today's advice: First off, while keeping ones stove clean is important, it is not wise to clean that little spill while still cooking; secondly it is a bad choice to toss that paper towel into the recycle bin. And finally, it is a very bad choice to open the back door to see what all the commotion is about, just as someone authoritatively hollers, "OPEN YOUR HOSE!" ...won't need a shower for at least a week.!

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